Creator of the CBS television series Ghost Whisperer, writer and director John Gray’s new movie has been described as an emotionally charged coming of age drama.

“White Irish Drinkers” is based on his childhood memories of growing up in working class Brooklyn."It's a personal story I couldn't let go of." Gray told the LA Times. Gray wrote the script over a decade ago but after he failed to get backing for the project the director decided to fund the production himself.

Set in the 1970’s in Bay Ridge Brooklyn the film is a semi-autobiographical tale that explores the lives of two brothers’ 18 year old Brian and his older brother Danny. The movie follows the siblings as they try to make it on the streets and deal with their abusive Irish Catholic father and a long suffering mother.

"I had an easier time of it than Brian, but I wanted to capture the notion of what it felt like to be different in that neighborhood — that sense of being the misfit," said Gray. Gray’s low budget film was shot over 17days last November. His wealth of experience in the industry gave him a keen advantage compared to other independent film-makers.

"Eighty percent of people in this situation, it's their first time," Gray said of the process of shooting that first indie. "I had the great advantage of making lots of TV movies and I used that experience"

Gray’s most notable work includes hit series the Ghost Whisperer. In 2004 his was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the Mansion Family drama Helter Skelter, which he adapted from the book by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. “White Irish Drinkers” was featured at the International Toronto film festival earlier this week.