After a performance that promised to be more exciting than the dance to a “soft lullaby” last week, Nancy Grace and Tristain MacManus performed sub-par this week, landing them a score of 21 and a place in the bottom two.

This week, the duo performed the “Paso Doble,” which the Examiner calls “Perhaps the biggest attitude dance on the show” to “Flash Gordon.”  Yet, the the judges had a different opinion on her performance.



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Len claimed that he “can't get excited because it is not exciting.” Bruno agreed, but he offered a bit more words of encouragement than Len. “Nancy you go to become a ballbreaker out here,” he advised. “Don’t hide behind anything...[Carmen] kicks him in the balls. I want to see that. You do that verbally on TV; dancing is the same as acting.”

Lastly, Carrie Ann stood up for Nancy, claiming that the judges needed to give her “a little more credit, because I think she is doing a great job.” She did, however, cite that Nancy needed to “connect more with the audience.”

Grace has had an interesting run on the show thus far. As one of the oldest contestants on the show, she has proved to be energetic and even a  bit quirky. According to the Seattle Pi, in week 3 Grace was heard passing gas, and in week 4, Grace was photographed jokingly combing her partner’s chest hair pre-performance.

Nancy Grace combing Tristan McManus' chest hairABC