Nadine Martin from Doherty (England/Wales)
2011 North American Irish Dancing Champion
Ladies under 20

Greetings from Nashville and the Irish Dance Teacher's Association of North America's flagship event, the North American Irish Dancing Championships! Saturday’s competitions for titles in six age groups culminated in an exciting celebration last evening in the Delta Ballroom.

Congratulations to 2011 North American Irish Dancing Champion for Ladies under 20 Nadine Martin from Doherty Academy (England/Wales). Martin’s coup follows a 4th placement at the World Irish Dancing Championships and 2nd placement at the All-Ireland Championships this year.

2 - Cassidy Luebbers from Broesler (MD/NJ)
3 - Caitlin Richardson from Mayer (Mid America)
4 - Candice Corrigan from Penk O'Donnell (Western Canada)
5 - Chelsea Holloway from Rince Nia (WI)

For Ladies under 20, Feis America is thrilled to have featured TWO of the TOP FIVE in the July/August issue's feature article by Patricia McNamara, "Sorority of Seniority". Cassidy Luebbers from Broesler (MD/NJ) took 2nd place, following a 7th placement at Worlds and 16th at All –Irelands. Candice Corrigan from Penk O’Donnell (Western Canada) took 4th place following an 11th placement at Worlds.

Fifth place winner Chelsea Holloway from Rince Nia Academy (Sean Beglan TCRG, Wisconsin) also placed 19th at Worlds.

Feis America has been expressly prohibited from publishing real-time results or live commentary, but will post information once results are publicly available. For full results and updates in real-time, visit

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