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Actor and hell-raiser Jonathan Rhys Myers seems to have been living up to his reputation as a hard-living fist-throwing thespian as reports seep out of France that "The Tudors" star was involved in an incident with police at Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris.

It seems that Myers, maybe after a glass or two of red wine, thought it might be a good idea to throw down the gauntlet to police officers.

He allegedly flung money on the ground, spoke of his vast wealth and asked officers if they would like to hit him.

The officers chose not to hit him, but instead restrained him with handcuffs and took the 31-year-old away. They released the Irish actor some hours later pending further investigation.

It seems the Golden Globe winner does not take well to airports, as he was arrested at Dublin airport in 2007 for being drunk and disorderly while waiting for a flight to London. The charges in this incident were later dropped.

The actor has sought help for his issues with alcohol in the past. Myers is currently filming the fourth and final series of "The Tudors."