Trinity's Ian Schwartz
defended his 2010 Mid-American Regional Irish Dancing Championship
clinching the Boys under 13 title.
Photo courtesy Trinity Irish Dance

The Mid-America Region of the Irish Dance Teachers Association of America is considered by most to be North America's largest region, covering Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Western Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  Each year, the Mid-America Regional Irish Dancing Championships are held over Thanksgiving weekend.  This year, the Hyatt Regendy O'Hare in Rosemount, Illinois is the venue, with thousands of dancers, their teachers and families spending the holiday and long weekend together.  

The following is the first part of our Top 5 results for the Boys and Men's competitions.  The Top 5 results for the Girls/Ladies competitions and all team results will be posted in a separate post here on Go Feis! The Irish Dance Blog. Congratulations to all who placed and their teachers and families from Feis America!

McGing Open Champions Kelcey Steele and Drew Lovejoy
wearing 2011 North American Irish Dancing Championship belts.
Photo courtesy McGing School of Irish Dance

Boys under 18
Champion Tommy Stewart - Bell
2 Kelcey Steele - McGing
4 Daniel Dashewic - Clark

Boys Under 17
Champion Brian McLaughlin - McGing
2 Patrick Holland - Richens/Timm
3 Thomas Michaels - Blackbird
4 Isaiah Frank - Leneghan

Boys under 16
Champion Drew Lovejoy - McGing
2 Evan Lowe - O'Shea Irish Dance
3 Connor Eviston - Clark
4 Christopher McMillion - Mayer
5 Anthony Cahalan - Ardan

Boys under 15
Champion Brandon Asazawa - Leneghan
2 Daniel McCormick - The Academy
3 Kevin Duncan - Burke
4 Michael Fleck - Richens/Timm
5 Mitchell Hollman - Glencastle

2011 World Champion and North American National Irish Dancing Champion for
Boys under 14 Peter Dziak from Trinity Irish Dance
defends his regional title at Mid-America Oireachtas.
Photo courtesy Trinity Irish Dance

Boys under 14
Champion Peter Dziak - Trinity  DEFENDING CHAMPION!
2 Devin McCahey
3 Liam Slattery - O'Shea
4 Michael Hall - Mayer Torno

Boys under 13
Champion Ian Schwartz - Trinity  DEFENDING CHAMPION!
2 Aaron Wolf - Bell
3 Robert Chapell - Richens/Timm
4 Henry Schnabel - Richens/Timm
5 Sean Markowitcz - Clarkson

Note: Of all the regional championships, the Mid America Region is the most difficult to get results information in a timely manner.  We rely here on message boards and friends who advise us, but please rest assured that any inaccuracies found in the days to come will be corrected here immediately.

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