An Irish short-film, “The Pool," has been chosen by Michael Moore to be screened at the Traverse City Film Festival, in Michigan, this summer.

The Oscar-winning director chose the short film as part of the spotlight for the film festival. Filmed in Marion College’s pool, in Ballsbridge, south Dublin the film tells a gritty story of bullying.

Director, Thomas Hefferon (28) is  hugely excited about the film’s success so far and is grateful for the chance which Michael Moore has given him and the film.

“Dramas over 10 minutes are the hardest genre to do in the festival so I'm really excited to get in,” he told the Evening Herald.

“It's Michael Moore and it's invite only -- he has to sign off on every film that's screened -- so it's pretty great.

“Basically, organizers are always keeping an eye out for short and feature films throughout the year to show at the festival, and the options are whittled down to about 150.

“Then out of those 150, Michael selects 40 films and chooses which ones he likes the most.”

He described the film as “a drama about three teenage boys who break into their school swimming pool late one night in order to stage a macho breath- holding contest. But as the night goes on, the loud, brash Charlie begins to tease the overweight, child-like Sam.

“After a girl, Katie, arrives whom they all fancy, tensions start to escalate and by the end of the night none of their lives will ever be the same.”