What kind of father is Michael Lohan?
More to the point, does he really believe publicizing his every move in regard to his troubled daughter will result in anything good?
How clueless - or calculating - can you be?
This week Lohan senior is putting it about that he can save daughter Lindsay with a conservatorship. Lohan says that because his 23-year-old daughter snubbed his ultimatum last week, he will ask the courts to grant him conservatorship.
Where did he announce this move first though? On TMZ! Yes, that sounds like a rational decision by a concerned parent.
In his statement to TMZ Lohan said that unless Lindsay sits down with him and talks to him about her addiction problem, he will take “any and all appropriate legal action to save and protect his daughter.”
Lindsay, of course, overlooked his request and instead went for lunch with her sister Ali. I think she's made it clear by now what she thinks of his brand of 'concern.'
Perhaps he'll figure out not talk to the tabloids every time he wants to win the respect and gratitude of his daughter. He might also learn not to belittle her by talking about her 'problems' to the press.