Sunawin Andrews, the former girlfriend of Irish actor Michael Fassbender, has filed a restraining order against him and claims the “Centurion” actor broke her nose.

The order states that the actor must stay more than 100 yards away from the woman.

Andrews alleges that Fassbender went on a bender in July 2009 at a film festival and broke her nose when he threw her over a chair.

She also alleges that on another occasion Fassbender dragged her next to their car, causing her ankle and knee injuries and the rupture of an ovarian cyst.

The “Hunger” star’s father, Josef Fassbender, was quick to come to the defense of his son.

"I don't know where she is getting this story from, Michael is the most gentle man you could ever meet," he told the Sun newspaper in Ireland.

Andrew is also looking for $20,000 to cover medical expenses incurred.

Fassbender has made no comment about the issue thus far