"She got a kiss off Michael Bublé, that's her made for life!" 

Ashley Kiely's cousin got engaged on the Great Wall of China last year - so she joked to her longterm partner that he'd have to step it up. 

Her partner of six years, David O'Reagan, accepted the challenge with aplomb. On this week's installment of The Late Late Show, he enlisted the help of crooner Michael Bublé to assist in his proposal to Kiely.

"Can I just say, she said she'd jump on you if you came within three feet of her," he joked to the Canadian singer as a shocked Kiely clutched her face in her hands.

O'Regan then proceeded to pop the question to the mother of his 2-year-old son. 

The audience cheered as he got down on one knee and Kiely said 'Yes' immediately. 

Bublé, who admitted he was nervous about the task, then sang for the crowd while Kiely got her head around the whirlwind, romantic proposal.

We'd be shook too, in fairness.

Can @michaelbuble be in on my future proposal too?  https://t.co/CmUw7SAUUU

— Han (@hcroft54) December 8, 2018

This girl gets a proposal on @RTELateLateShow infront of @michaelbuble and I can’t even get a text back 樂 #fml 臘‍♀️ https://t.co/z3TO4hytsv

— Jessica Bowes (@i_am_jessica_b) December 8, 2018

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