New York City residents emerged from their homes, subways, and buses on Friday morning to a pretty shocking site - White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer weaving his way through midtown traffic atop a moving podium. 

Okay, it was not actually Spicer, it was Melissa McCarthy taking her now famous impression to the streets, likely to get footage for SNL, which she's hosting (for the sixth time no less) this Saturday. 

As would not be the case with any other traffic obstruction in New York, onlookers were quite amused as the Irish American comedian screeched Spicer's signature "Come on!!!" 

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The evening before, McCarthy posted a clip of her as "Spicey" on the roof of 30 Rock, with a reference to the bushes Spicer was not hiding in but simply among on Tuesday night when reporters tried to ask him about Trump's decision to fire James Comey. 

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In any case, we're doubly looking forward to SNL this week! 

Straight out da bushes @nbcsnl #snllivecoasttocoast #snl

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