Meghan Markle's nephew, Tyler Dooley, a 25-year-old pot farmer from Oregon, was stopped from entering a London dance club after admitting he had a concealed knife. He blamed President Trump. 

Meghan Markle's nephew Tyler Dooley ran into trouble in London this weekend when he arrived at a late night dance club with a concealed knife, hours after the wedding ceremony. 

When questioned about why he had the weapon, he said it was because of Donald Trump's remarks that London is not safe. 

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Dooley, a 25-year-old legal pot farmer in Oregon, was in London with his mother Tracy Dooley, his brother, TJ, and his girlfriend. Tracy Dooley is Markle's former sister-in-law, previously married to her half-brother, Tom Markle, Jr.

They were not invited to the royal wedding -Tracy reportedly has not spoken to Markle in 20 years - but decided to travel to the UK for the big day anyway, in hopes of making a TV appearance on Good Morning Britain. However, the scheduled appearance was canceled at the last minute. 

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Instead, the family took in the London sights, posed with masks of the happy couple and a cut-out of Queen Elizabeth, and had a night out in the Kingston area. 

It was there, at a late night club called Bacchus, that Dooley's concealed weapon was discovered. 

According to witnesses who spoke with The Sun newspaper, it is customary for people to be searched before entering the club. When it was Dooley's turn, he announced to the bouncers that he had a knife. 

“They were all obviously a bit tipsy from celebrating the wedding, but not in bad spirits. As Tyler came up to the bouncer, he said, ‘I have a knife on me.’ He pulled it out and handed it to the staff," a source told the Daily Mail. 

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“All he was going on about was how he’d brought it from America because Donald Trump had said London wasn’t safe.

“They acted very calmly and dialled 999 and that’s when some local guys told him he’d get arrested. At that point he ran off.”

A police official said, “Officers attended the club at around 01:55 hrs and recovered the knife. There has been no arrest.”

Trump as previously described London as being "like a war zone" due to terror attacks. 

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