Melissa McCarthy from Harney Academy (MA)2011 North American Irish Dancing Champion
Girls under 15B
Melissa McCarthy of the Harney Academy from Massachusetts clinched the Girls under 15B North American Irish Dancing Championship after coming in second behind 2010 and 2011 World Champion Ann Paige Turilli from Inishfree New York. McCarthy also placed second behind Turilli at the All-Ireland Championships.

Top Five in the Girls under 15B event:

2 – Ann Paige Turilli from Inishfree (NY)
3 – Mackenzie Mahler from Blakey (Western Canada)
4 – Kelsey Parry from Pender-Keady (CT)
5 – Breanna Ahern from Gilleoghan (CT)

Top Five in the Girls under 15A event:

1 – Aisling Reinhardt from Elaine Kavanagh (Ireland)
2 – Heather Monaghan from Mulvihill-Lynch (NY)
3 – Meaghan Kenfield from Trinity (IL/WI)
4 – Collette Harling from Cashel Dennehy (WI)
5 – Kellyn Berrigan from Pender-Keady (CT)

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Photo courtesy of from 2011 Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne