Maureen O’Hara took Vanity Fair magazine’s  questionnaire last month and revealed her greatest fear is not getting into heaven and that her prized possession is her rosary beads.

The actress is now living with her grandson in Idaho.

The questionnaire, which asks questions such as “Where would you live?” and “If you were to die and come back as a person or thing, what do you think it would be?” is meant to reveal personality and reveals O’Hara as feisty as ever.

The 94-year-old actress says she would come back as herself and the only place she want’ to live is in Ireland. O’Hara’s answers to the questionnaire revealed her strong faith and her love for Ireland.

The Hollywood legend said that her most treasured possession is her rosary, and when asked which historical figure she most identifies with, O’Hara said “Saint Patrick.

She believes her most marked characteristic is her red hair and “the hell and fire in me—they came as a set.”

Her greatest achievement? “To be the first person recognized as an Irish woman all over the world.”

When asked what quality she liked most in a man, The Quiet Man star said “Tough, with inner kindness, like Duke had,” but she named Charlie Blair, her third husband, as the greatest love of her life.

says that if she were reincarnated she’d come back as herself because she’s had “such a great life.” However, she’d do it “bigger and better the second time around.”

And where would she most like to live? “Crikey! What a silly question. Ireland.”