Maureen O'Hara has said she is still in good health and wants to live to 102.

"The Quiet Man" star celebrated her 95th birthday last Monday with a low-key event with her family in Idaho in the US.

But she said she is determined to celebrate at least another seven birthdays and live to the same age as her late mother-in-law.

The determined Irish screen icon also said she hasn't ruled out paying one final visit to Glengarriff, the west Cork village where she lived for four decades before relocating to the US three years ago.

Her spokesman Johnny Nicoletti said: "I'm delighted to say Maureen is doing great and she got to enjoy her birthday with friends, family and loved-ones.

"She's now turned 95, but her health is good and she is just as witty and sharp as she always was. She's loving spending time with her family, particularly her great-grandchildren, who she's enjoying watching grow up.

"I know she'd love to wish everyone well back in Glengarriff, where she has such happy memories. She lived there for 40 or so years and her heart is very much still there.

"I'm sure she'd love to go back for a visit, but she's 95 and it's a long flight. But I certainly wouldn't put it past her."

Last year the Dublin-born actress, who starred in the first of her 64 movies in 1939, was awarded an honorary Oscar in recognition of her distinguished career.

Nicoletti said the tribute marked a lifelong dream for his famous client, who had been overlooked by Academy Award chiefs throughout her long career.

But he stressed the veteran Hollywood star - who's one of the last survivors of Hollywood's golden era - still hasn't called time on acting, despite starring in her last movie 13 years ago.

He said: "She still gets a few film offers and is always flattered to receive them. Her answer is always the same - that is to say that no actor who retires really means it. She's waiting for a wonderful script to come along that she feels she couldn't refuse."

He added: "She wants to live to 102, which is the same age that the mother of her late husband, Charles F. Blair, lived to."