Matthew McConaughey continues to break out of his former rom-com mold with the announcement that he’ll join Leonardo DiCaprio for Martin Scorsese’s upcoming project ‘The Wolf of Wall Street.’

McConaughey portrays Mark Hanna, mentor to Leonardo DiCaprio’s Long Island stockbroker character, FirstShowing reported. The film, adapted for the screen by Terence Winter of ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ is based on Jordan Belfort’s memoir.

DiCaprio’s character earns prison time for abstaining to participate in a 1990’s securities fraud case involving Wall Street, big banks and the mob.

With this career move, McConaughey continues a trend of accepting more ‘serious’ roles than the romantic comedy leading men that were formerly his bread-and-butter. His current project is playing a man ravaged by HIV; his biggest film last year was ‘The Lincoln Lawyer.’


Matthew McConaughey