She's only 24 and has a career that’s going from one hit movie to another, but Saoirse Ronan is thinking about the day she’ll be a Mom.

The triple Oscar nominee – likely headed for a fourth chance at the gold after her much lauded turn in "Mary Queen of Scots" which opens next month – says she’ll make do with a dog, though, till motherhood comes calling.

“I have always wanted kids, not right now but one day definitely,” she told the Irish Sun.

“Mary was 24 when she had her first child, so I’d want to get moving.”

SR has always kept her private life quiet, so no word on if she’s seeing a special someone. Nor did she spill any personal secrets to the Sun.

Saoirse Ronan has two pair of wings: lady bird wings and angel wings.

— sam weir (@swiftheists) November 22, 2018

The A-lister will return to her home base in Co. Carlow for some Christmas R&R before the red carpet season commences. She’ll also bond with her dog.

“I’m very close to my mam, both my parents actually and becoming a parent myself is something I’ve always expected to happen at some stage. But first, I’ll start with a dog,” she said.

“My mam and I share the dog, Fran, but he’s more hers than mine. He is now my mother’s child and has definitely taken my place. I’m number two in the house now and Fran’s number one.

“I love Christmas and I’m planning to sleep a lot and eat a lot. We’re going to have a big party at home because we haven’t seen everybody all year.”

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