Acting sensation Martin Sheen has spoken of his ongoing love affair with the Emerald Isle during the filming of his latest movie in Tipperary.

The “West Wing” star is working on location in the village of Fethard for his latest role of Father Daniel, a priest in 1950s Ireland.

“I love this town, I love Ireland. I love the culture, the people, so I'm happy as Larry,” the star told RTE news.

The film is based on Martin Doorley’s book, Stella Days 1957-1967: The Life and Times of a Rural Irish Cinema. It tells the story of a priest (played by Sheen) who establishes a cinema for his parishioners much to the disapproval of his bishop.

“We are going to here for a few weeks and then we will go up to Dublin for a few more, I think we finish around mid December and then I’m headed home. I have to start on another film shortly after i get home, “Spider Man 4”,” he added.

The film also stars Irish actors Stephen Rea and Amy Huberman.

The small village in Tipperary has become the temporary home for over a hundred actors and film crew for the filming of the drama. The film shoot will go on for three weeks and is worth tens of thousands of euro to the local community.

Many locals are getting around $87 a day as film extras. Speaking to RTE news they described their involvement in the project as “very exciting” and “smashing”.