Oscar winner Charlize Theron has been doing the rounds promoting her latest flick, "The Burning Plain", and once again she’s reiterated her firm stance against marriage because gay couples can’t, for the most part, legally wed.

Charlize has been dating Irish actor/writer/director Stuart Townsend for nearly nine years, and though she affirms that their relationship is set for life ("By now we've kind of realized that we're going to take this journey together,” she told the September issue of Vogue), folks shouldn’t expect a fancy wedding to celebrate that fact.

“I think if we ever have children, I would want my children to look at (her stance) as an example of choice and how important that is to live your life and not just talk, because talk is cheap,” the South African stunner told the Moviefone website last week.

“I've already once lived in a country where certain people got certain things and certain people didn't, and I refuse to live in another country that does that. I will not take part in a ceremony that right now is not available to everybody,” she added.

Theron is full of hope, though, that the issue of gay marriage is headed in a direction that will lead to equality for all couples, gay or straight.

“It's going to be a relentless movement, and I hope it's a relentless movement, because I think that's the only way it's going to happen. Being relentless is a sense of showing the rest of the world a new face of family, what family is,” she feels.

“If Christians were being attacked the same way, or heterosexual couples were being attacked the same way, I would be fighting for them. I worry when we start to take away the quality of certain people's lives based on religion and based on very personal beliefs.

“These are not universal beliefs, and when human life suffers from that, that worries me. Because that can very easily get flipped on any of us.”

While traditional marriage isn’t on the cards, children certainly are in the couple’s future. "I just know I'm going to have five boys," Charlize also told Vogue. 

The September cover girl for the magazine certainly looked stunning in her photo spread, and she must have struck up a friendship with editor Anna Wintour as well. Charlize and Stu were pictured with the famously frosty Anna at the U.S. Open tennis championships earlier this month.

Speaking of children, Dubliner Stuart, 36, will likely be well equipped to deal with the pitter-patter when they eventually arrive. While reading his profile on Imdb.com, we were surprised to see that he has two younger half-siblings, a brother Hugo born in 2000, and a sister Ella, who arrived in 2005. Awwww!