Mariah Carey has high heeled slippers. The 'Hero' singer says she has to have height on any type of footwear otherwise she can't walk. She said: "I wear high heels all the time. Even my slippers. I can't even walk in flats."

However, her love of heels proved to be problematic when filming her new movie, 'Precious', in which she plays Miss Weiss, a world-weary welfare officer who gradually unpicks the tragic life story of a teenager who is abused by both her mother and father.

Director Lee Daniels said: "Mariah was born as an embryo in stiletto heels. She walks - even in her home - on her f*****g toenails! I said, 'This woman is not going to work if you're walking like Princess Tippy Toes.' "

Mariah says she put all her effort into changing her behaviour so the audience would believe her. She revealed to Observer Woman Magazine: "I spent as much time as I could getting into it. She is supposed to be exhausted, so it didn't matter that I stayed up… I really did the best I could to morph into this woman who goes into this office every day and deals with people needing something from her, trying to get things from her, maybe being disingenuous."

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