Will Madonna fall out with close friend Stella McCartney after Paul's daughter booked the Irish band that plays in Madonna's-ex pub for her fashion show in Paris?

Madonna is said to be not pleased that Stella booked The Punchbowl Band, who play at Guy Ritchie's London pub the Punchbowl.

The band who will shortly release their first record 'Journey' are a traditional music foursome who play all the old Irish standards. Ritchie is such a fan that he has signed them to his new record label.

The 38-year-old fashion maven booked The Punchbowl Band, who often perform at Ritchie's London pub, for her recent show.

She has also booked them up for next season's shows after being impressed with their performance.

A source told Splash News: 'It's a great boost for the band before the album is even out and they really enjoyed playing in totally different surroundings to those they are used to.

'They were surprised to be asked considering the Guy connection and because Stella is such good friends with Madonna.

'But Stella thinks they are a great fit for her brand and didn't want to let her friendship with Madonna get in the way of having the best possible music for the show.'

No word on what Madonna thinks of her new frenemy helping out her exes' band.