The 57-year-old pop megastar performed the opening night of the UK leg of her 'Rebel Heart Tour' at the world famous venue and brought the British chat show host out as her special guest during her song 'Unapologetic Bitch'.

After dancing with him to the song and giving him a playful smack on the rear, she said: "So as you all know, each night, the unapologetic b***h of the evening gets a special prize. You're no exception, do we have a special prize for you? Do we? Do we? A banana!"

The 'Living For Love' singer then had a playful exchange with the 52-year-old host of 'The Graham Norton Show' by cheekily asking him what he was going to do with the long fruit.

She asked: "Look Graham, do you know what to do with that banana? The thing is we thought a banana would be good because it has a lot of functions."

But after playing naive to her innuendos, the mother-of-four gave him an X-rated suggestion of exactly what she thought he should do with it.

After he joked he was going to put it behind his ear, she said: "Or put it in the freezer, or peel it, or chop it, or slice it, or eat it, or f*** it."

The two-and-a-half hour musical extravaganza featured several songs from her 2015 album 'Rebel Heart' as well as hits from throughout her incredible career and she took a moment during her performance to reveal she always feels blessed to play in the UK capital as she dreamed of visiting the city before becoming a superstar.

She told the audience: "London has a very special place in my heart. When I was a young, young girl living in New York I was a bartender in a bar, and I robbed the cash register blind every night. Why? Because I was dying to come to London and check it out! So I saved up all my stolen cash and I came here and it was the most amazing experience of my life."