Oh that Lucy Lawless- formerly Xena the Warrior Princess, you can really turn it on.

I have just watched the first blood-drenched new series 'Spartacus; Blood and Sand and am still looking for the sand.

It may be there, but it's under the buckets of blood.

The story of the famed slave Spartacus and the couple who owned him seems unlikely fodder for premium cable - but it works.

This is about blood folks, and who is more attractive a vixen than that gore-spattered Lucy, who easily steals the show in this over-the-top Roman Empire period piece.

It seems like Caligula wrote the script. Every few moments there's a bloody hand, sword, or body part. This is Mad Max meets Bret Easton Ellis; there is violence, lust, betrayal everywhere.

And it’s actually quite enjoyable.

And the sex scenes are pretty good too.

Xena in a toga does it for me folks. I know she's a few years older, but that buffed body still shines.

That's if you can see her amid all the blood as another enemy falls, or a murder is plotted.