Irish American actress Lucy Lawless has been asked back to play the role of Lucretia in the prequel to "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena".

Others to land a role in the prequel include Australian actor, Dustin Clare, who will play Gannicus, the first gladiator to become Champion of Capua.
Gannicus is the lead role in the prequel, which takes place before Spartacus became a part of Batiatus' (John Hannah) ludus.

Peter Mensah and Manu Bennett will also return.

Also added to the "Gods of the Arena" cast is Jaime Murray, best known for a villainous turn on "Dexter," as Gaia, social climber friend to Lawless' Lucretia.

Marisa Ramirez ("General Hospital") is also new to the cast, playing Melitta, a beautiful slave girl.
"Spartacus: Gods of the Arena," a six-part prequel, will begin production this August and will premiere on Starz early next year.