Normally we’d feel sorry for the cab driver who has to listen to the warblings of his passengers, but in the case of Mark “Maxi” Kavanagh, he’s struck gold.

Kavanagh, from Dundalk, Co. Louth is the man behind Facebook sensation Maxi Taxi Talents, which he created to “entertain people from all walks of life and from Dundalk /Ireland all over the world.”

Kavangh is Ireland’s answer to Simon Cowell. He picks up some of Ireland’s most talented and, as yet, undiscovered acts in his cab and publicizes their talent on his Facebook page.

With his catchphrase “the greatness keeps moving along,” the cab driver’s enthusiasm for every person that gets into his car to perform is infectious, as he convinces talented Dundalk locals to play him a tune while he drives them home after a night out …

… or is contacted about young talent he should offer a seat to, such as this fabulous 12-year old singer.

“When you’re driving a taxi, you hear some wonderful stories,” Kavanagh told RTÉ, “and I just thought that a lot of these wonderful stories were confined in the taxi.

“It started when a guy told me a beautiful story about what he was doing and what he was trying to achieve in his life and I said, ‘Is it possible that I could put that up on Facebook, just to let everybody see this positive stuff?’ and the whole thing just snowballed from there.

“People were getting into the taxi and saying ‘can we do a video? can we do a video?’ and I just put it up on my Facebook and the views just started increasing, increasing, increasing.”

He certainly has an eclectic group of guests who join him on his smallest of stages. He has had everything from traditional music groups

To impressionists, and everything in between.

We sure hope they get a discount on their fare!

H/T: Maxi Taxi Talents