Lord of the Dance Michael Flatley has failed to sell his $23.4 million mansion in Cork.

The building has been quietly taken off Ireland’s various property websites, but it’s understood to still be for sale and Flatley hopes that word of mouth will eventually find him a buyer.

Rich in history, the palatial building just outside of the town of Fermoy was built in 1760 and was once owned by Ireland’s first President, Douglas Hyde.

Anyone have €20M to spare to buy Michael Flatley's house? I'd happily live in just the library https://t.co/mmSjPUPYmo pic.twitter.com/PtxAci4RBJ

— Denise O'Donoghue (@deniseodonoghue) March 3, 2017

In 1999 Flatley spotted it from a helicopter on the way to house hunt in nearby West Cork and snapped it up for £4 million. Then the house was in a poor condition and Flatley spent the next fours years renovating the place for an estimated $35 million.

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It’s where he and his wife, Niamh, got married in 2007 and he admitted it was a wrench when he put it on the market after so many happy memories. Nevertheless, the couple decided to sell after concluding they no longer had enough time to spend there. The couple own a large number of properties around the globe – reputedly including a fewer smaller Irish ones – and spend much of their life jetting between them.

Michael Flatley’s €20m mansion gains post Brexit interesthttps://t.co/a3fNiKGQC0 pic.twitter.com/lVWlcTCAAj

— HOUSEish.com (@house_ish) March 9, 2017

Inside the property are six reception rooms, 12 bedrooms, a sumptuous wine cellar, a swimming pool and a cinema. The house has been shown to several multi-millionaires over the past two years and has featured in countless glossy magazines. But no joy.

If the late Michael Jackson were still alive he might have bought the place: as a guest of the Flatleys Jackson was apparently so enthralled by Castlehyde that he told Michael to, “name his price.”

Perhaps with the best realtors and press money can buy there’s only one conclusion as to why the house won’t sell: the price is too high.  

And if Castlehyde is slightly too expensive for your budget, there's always a derelict Irish cottage on the market somewhere down the country. 

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