Feet of Flames star Michael Flatley has decided to move his family to the warmer climate of California rather than make his 19th Century Cork estate his main home.

The Irish American dancer will make Beverly Hills his main home now, leaving behind the current Irish deep freeze and saying farewell to his other pads in Barbados and London, as well as his aristocratic mansion at Castlehyde estate in Fermoy, County Cork.

The 51-year-old star said his Irish wife Niamh prefers the lifestyle and the weather in sun drenched Los Angles. Another benefit is the healthy diet, which was the final deal maker.

"I can’t remember the last time I had a glass of wine or a beer," Flatley told the press. "People out there just don’t drink like the Irish do, I’m afraid."

But Flatley said he is planning on flying his son Michael St James - who was born in Cork in April 2007 - back to their remarkable Irish estate for a traditional Irish Christmas this year.

Flatley added: "Christmas is a family occasion and a lovely time and there is no season quite like it. This will be our son Michael St James’ fourth Christmas and he is now starting to really appreciate it and know what it’s all about. He’s really looking forward to Santa’s visit. Having a child is great. It doesn’t change your life. It’s heaven."