Lindsay Lohan has not taken well to jail.

According to the latest media reports the star is crying once again.

And now Alexis Neiers, in jail for a month because of a string of burglaries, has said that the star is receiving “special treatment”.

According to Neiers, Lohan was permitted to keep her hair extensions even though other inmates are required to remove their extensions upon entering the facility. Authorities have also reportedly been “easy” on the washed up child star.

Alexis Neiers, fastly becoming Lohan’s enemy number one, also told the media that she heard Lohan sobbing in the cell next to her.

I could start hearing like what was going on in there, I tried to just, really just keep to myself and the last thing I really want to hear, you know, when you're trying to be so strong and just get through the day. I mean, the days are so long in there, you're woken up at 5:30," Neiers explained. "She was crying. She was talking to deputies and, you know, just trying to — I couldn't really like make it out, but from what I saw the first day, I mean, she was lying in there and just trying to like calm down."

Lohan’s lawyer, though, has already moved to deny the allegations of special treatment concerning her client.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Departmen has also confirmed that Lohan won’t be getting out of jail this week. The scheduled release date now seems to be some time in mid-August.

Although she was sentenced to ninety days in prison for violating the terms of her probation, that sentence was reduced to 23 days on account of overcrowding in the prison.

Comedian Chelsea Handler and a crew recently posted a video making fun of the actress and her family on her website. The video has caused some controversy in the blogosphere.