Will Robert Pattinson be turning to ‘The Hunger Games’ after ‘Twilight’ has finally ended? Reports are now emerging that Lionsgate, the production company behind the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ trilogy ‘The Hunger Games,’ is looking to cast Pattinson as the character Finnick Odair.

Huffington Post reports on the possibility of Pattinson heading for Panem. ‘Catching Fire,’ the second installment in ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise, will be directed by Francis Lawrence, who also directed Pattinson in ‘Water for Elephants.’

Opting for a role in ‘The Hunger Games’ would certainly be an odd decision for Pattinson who has made it clear that he is looking for “meatier” roles to take on. He also admitted recently that he was never much of a fan of the ‘Twilight’ series and characters, but was in no place to be turning down roles when he first was cast as vampire Edward Cullen.

With several upcoming films that are highly anticipated, such as ‘Cosmopolis’ and ‘Bel Ami,’ signing on for ‘The Hunger Games’ seems implausible for Pattinson.

"As with the first film, we won't be confirming, denying or commenting any casting rumors for this title," Lionsgate told HuffPost Entertainment in a statement. "We will announce news wide when there is official casting news to announce."

‘Catching Fire,’ the second in ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy, will begin filming this summer and will be released in November of next year. The film will bring back Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth who all appeared as main characters in the first film.

Robert Pattinson is wanted for the sequel for "Hunger Games"Google Images