A Los Angeles Superior court judge has doubled Lindsay Lohan’s bail to $200,000 after the out-of-control actress’ alcohol detection ankle bracelet indicated that the star had been drinking again.

The actress had been served a bench warrant for previous convictions, but had dodged jail-time by posting a bail of $100,000 which has since been revoked.

The new bail was agreed after a closed door meeting between Judge Marsha Revel and Lohan’s attorneys.

Meanwhile the scandal-ridden star has denied having consumed alcohol, maintaining that she had not been in violation of her bail terms. It’s believed that the ankle bracelets warning alarm was triggered at an MTV Movie Awards after-party.

The SCRAM ankle bracelet works by detecting alcohol measured from the person’s perspiration, but it’s thought that the device can be fooled by placing foil between the sensors and the skin.

The actress’ father, meanwhile, has issued another impassioned plea to have his daughter get the help he feels she needs.
Michael Lohan, who has publicly feuded with his daughter, said the violation makes it "clear and obvious that Lindsay has a severe addiction problem."

“She needs help”, concluded the father.

Her career has been dogged by stints on drugs and alcohol and time spent in recuperation clinics.

"It's FINALLY clear and obvious that Lindsay has a severe addiction problem,"  concluded the father’s written statement: "How many mountains do I have to shout from? How much longer do I have to get slammed for trying to bring attention to this horrible situation, to get my daughter the help she needs, because I love and care about her."

Lindsay Lohan's bail doubled