Jenni Muro – who works for the ‘Mean Girls’ star – spoke of her fears the 23-year-old beauty will take her own life if she doesn’t get the help she needs.

In a phone call to Lindsay’s father Michael Lohan, Jenni said: "I am trying to save your daughter's life every day.

“She is another mess, she’s no better than she was two years ago and she knows that. If I wasn’t around she would be in grave danger.

“I gave up everything, my boyfriend and my dog and my parents and my new place in LA, everything just so your daughter doesn’t kill herself.”

Jenni also spoke of her concerns about Lindsay relationship with on/off girlfriend Samantha Ronson, saying she was obsessed with the DJ but assured Michael that the actress has no other problems with addiction.

She told him in the phone call broadcast on website “It’s an unhealthy relationship with Samantha because I don’t ever think she knew love before and this is what she thinks it is, maybe it maybe it isn’t, I don’t know but it’s her only addiction right now.”

Michael recently spoke of his fears for his daughter, saying she has an addiction to prescription drugs which he fears will kill her.

He said: "I want my daughter off prescription medication. She never needed it in her life... I'm not going to watch my daughter die. Hate me now, but you love me more later because I'm gonna turn her life around."