When Lindsay Lohan laments that her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet is ruining her life a thousand gossip website feel her pain.

TMZ, the gossip station, must have a case of champagne cooling in the refrigerator, just waiting for the day when she's free to return to the highlife.

But so far, she's made no plans. As one of her closest friends put it, 'I mean there's not much you can do with a monitoring bracelet and no money.'

Lindsay's friends say she's bitterly complaining that her SCRAM is ruining her life, so alcohol is off limits for her birthday and for the July 4 weekend.

If Lindsay stays dry until Tuesday, it's possible Judge Marsha Revel will show her some mercy. Since her last court appearance, Lindsay has brought herself up to date on her Alcohol Education classes, and she's passed every drug test.

The gossip sites hate reading good news and Lindsay Lohan in the same sentence. But let's hope she keeps it on the up and up.