Lindsay Lohan is planning to sell her story to the press for a seven-figure sum.

Fox411 has reported that before she started her 90-day sentence in jail for two DUI’s and failing to abide by her parole requests, she locked down a post-jail tell-all interview. It is expected that the interview will be a proper sit-down formal interview à la “Dateline."

Though Lohan has only been in jail for a couple of days she has already had several visitors including her mother Dina and sister Ali on Wednesday and Samantha Ronson on Thursday. As yet Lindsay has not given her father permission to visit.

L.A. County Sheriff spokesperson, Steve Whitemore told the Los Angeles Times that Lindsay might only serve 51 days if she is a model prisoner. Because jails in L.A. are over crowed, female, nonviolent inmates generally only serve 25 percent of their sentence. That could meant that Lindsay would be free in about a week-and-a-half.

Whitmore said that so far Lindsay “has been extremely cooperative”. He said “As with any inmate, Lohan was treated just like any other…Inside it's business as usual.”