Lindsay Lohan can't seem to get on-again off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson out of her mind, or so her latest tweets would suggest. 

The starlet, whose fashion show in Paris was panned by critics last week, tweeted that she is still in love with DJ Ronson, but that forces beyond her control are keeping them apart.

The 23-year-old posted on her Twitter account: "@samantharonson doesn't respond 2me b/c her family will cut her off if she contacts me…They control the one I love & im incapable of making any sort of difference. I'm in love with her, as she is in love with me….but her loved ones-hate her brilliance & resent her happiness."

The Irish-American actress deleted the posts hours later, but not before gossip sites caught wind of her desperation.

Now everyone knows: Lohan and Ronson are just a pair of tragic, star-crossed lovers.