"It wasn't a robbery," says Lindsay Lohan on Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan's tweets have backed up her father Michael's claims that the weekend thefts at her house in Hollywood Hills were an inside job.

"I know it was not a ROBBERY. Electronics weren't taken...just things that a certain old friend know meant a lot to me," tweeted the Irish-American actress.

Three suspects, two young men and a young woman believed to be between 18-25 were captured on security camera around Lohan’s home on the night of the burglary.

"Detectives believe that the trio gained entry to the home through an unlocked door, then ransacked it and took the victim's property," said the LAPD in a statement.

Lohan tried to take the Zen view about the issue and tweeted: "Bad Karma for them, right? I'm all about Karma.. what goes around comes around!"

Lindsay's mom Dina said: "The safe was ripped out of the wall and the door was off the hinges and door handles removed. Bags, shoes and jewelry were taken, too. Thank God she wasn't home."

Speculation is rife that personal videos and photos of a sensitive nature were stolen. The LAPD is still looking for the three suspects.