Irish-American actress Lindsay Lohan has plans to finally head back into the studio to finish her third album as soon as she can get back to New York to do it.

The 23-year-old star tweeted that she intended to head back to the Big Apple to finish her third record, which was put on hold after she took a break from recording last year.

Lohan has already cut two records, and let’s just say she was not in the running for a Grammy for either effort.

The blond bombshell is currently trying to resurrect what she can from her once thriving career – and is apparently considering a stint on reality TV.

Recently, while hosting a series of pop concerts in Singapore, she was reportedly in talks to participate in the next, and last, season of Britain’s “Celebrity Big Brother.”

And the legendary party girl also attempted to get her acting career back on track by taking a role in Robert Rodriguez' "Machete" earlier this year.

You can’t knock the Lohan for effort  in recent months!