Lindsay Lohan is known for being a big fan of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, but some new body ink on the Irish-American actress suggests she’s becoming obsessed.

The controversial star showed off a new tattoo over the weekend, the second one she has of a famous Monroe quote.

Her newest body art, which Lohan sports on her right arm, reads in cursive: “I restore myself when I’m alone,” and is surrounded by multi-colored stars.

This tat matches the one on her other arm, which reads: “Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle,” a play on Marilyn’s famous saying: “Everyone's a star and deserves the right to twinkle.” The actress had this quote scrawled on her body after she and on-and-off girlfriend Samantha Ronson broke up this past April.

Lohan’s new tattoo is just the latest declaration of the troubled star’s extreme love of Marilyn Monroe, to whom she’s been compared to in the past.

In 2007, the “Mean Girls” actress purchased an L.A. apartment once owned by Monroe, and has filled her home with Marilyn memorabilia.

Lohan has channeled her idol in her art as well by famously recreating “The Last Sitting” photos of the Hollywood screen legend in New York magazine last year.

Bert Stern, the same man who shot the original photographs of Marilyn in 1962, photographed Lohan in the reenacted shoot 46 years later.

Lohan told New York magazine: “I didn’t have to put much thought into it. I mean, Bert Stern? Doing a Marilyn shoot? When is that ever going to come up? It’s really an honor.”

On the cover of the August 2009 issue of Spanish Vogue, the 23-year-old starlet once again “becomes” Marilyn.

In the cover photo, Lohan sports a blonde wig, poses like the legendary star and dons a dress plastered with Marilyn’s face. The magazine dubs Lohan “La Nueva Marilyn” – “The New Marilyn.”

If Lindsay is in fact Marilyn, it would imply that the actress, who like Monroe is more famous for her behavior than her movie roles, is on the fast track to tragedy.

Just six weeks after Monroe posed in “The Last Sitting” photoshoot, she died from an apparent drug overdose.

Lohan’s already been in rehab three times, and she doesn’t seem to be interested in giving up her crazy ways anytime soon.