It's a new week, which means it's a whole new set of dramas for Lindsay Lohan, doesn't it? This girl has more issues that National Geographic.

This week photographer Scott Nathan has filed a lawsuit against the "Mean Girls" actress seeking currently unspecified damages.

Nathan claims that the troubled actress and party girl hired him to take photographs of the clothing line she launched but has not payed him any money for his job.

Nathan claims to have documents which show that he allegedly was promised to get one percent interest from the sales of Lohan's fashion line as his remuneration for clicking the pictures of the her clothing label 6126. But, sad to say, no payments have been made to him so far.

Nathan is also suing Universal Music Group because the company has used one of the photographs taken by him for Lindsay’s 'Bossy' single’s cover.

Another new trouble that just cropped up is that Lindsay might actually have to do a jail time after violating the judge’s instruction which was set in December 2009.

Lohan was asked to attend alcohol education classes once every week by Judge Marsha Revel. The place where she attends the classes has reported of her irregularities. Lohan is marked for three years probation. Her next court hearing is on May 20th. Let's hope she keeps it.