Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, the actresses who are now more famous for their roles in pubs, clubs and late night hot spots, partied together on Wednesday night in Los Angeles as they sought temporary respite from the hardships of life.

Lohan is in the thick of a fight with her father over his pending nuptials to former Star reporter, while Barton is reeling from former beau Brandon Davis calling her a "hefer."

With friends and family like that . . .

"She (Barton) was chain-smoking the entire night," a witness told the Daily News."Mischa was never without a cigarette in her hand — and a puss on her face."

However sour-pussed she was, the former O.C. star left round midnight, while Lohan dipped into her by now immense party stamina to rock the night away.

"She was running around until 6 in the morning," continued the Daily News source. "She was on a bad path as is, and her father's antics are only making things worse for her."

Here's hoping the two can get their lives and careers sorted out soon.