Lindsay Lohan left a court case against an alleged stalker in tatters after she failed to show up for a trial.

The 28-year-old actress was expected to appear at Westminster magistrates' court yesterday (28.05.15) to give evidence against Daniel Voderwulbecke, but made a "conscious decision" to stay in Los Angeles rather than fly over to the UK, forcing prosecutors to drop several charges against the 37-year-old man accused of stalking her.

The court had heard how Daniel allegedly began a campaign of harassment when Lindsay was rehearsing a production of the play 'Speed-the-Plow' in central London, bombarding her with gifts including tampons, loaves of bread and a woolly jumper, as well as producing a marriage certificate for the two of them.

According to The Sun website, Daniel sent her messages, including one which said, "F*** off and die b***h, I hate you, evil devil", while another read, "I'll get you, wherever you are".

Prosecutor Martyn Bowyer told the court: "Matters only crystallized very late yesterday that Miss Lohan wasn't going to come.

"Having given the matter anxious consideration, and it has been considered at the highest level within the CPS, as far as those two charges we will not be proceeding."

Daniel still denies allegations of harassment without violence and criminal damage, but two charges of stalking the 'Mean Girls' star and an additional charge of common assault on a doorman have been dropped.

The hearing continues.