A limited edition print of "The Quiet Man" has been commissioned for charity to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the iconic film.

The print, which features the movie’s most beloved characters and scenes, will help raise money for the London Irish Centre’s annual Christmas appeal which will help the Centre continue to care for the most vulnerable members of the city’s Irish community, from the elderly to the homeless.

Another recipient is the Ballyglunin Railway Restoration Project which is fundraising in order to help restore the railway station that featured in the movie into an arts and cultural centre.

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The idea for the print came from a summer trip back to Ireland. Tara of Tara Fine Art Prints told the Irish Post she and her Dad had stopped off in Dublin on their way to Athlone.

“When we walked into the lobby of the hotel there was a beautiful print on the wall, it was a painting by Peter Deighan and I just fell in love with it," she said. 

“The print always started a conversation and it got people reminiscing and talking about their childhood memories or someone it reminded them of.

“It was my dad’s 65th birthday this year, he was born the same year as The Quiet Man was released, and as he loved the film so much it was an opportunity to celebrate both occasions.”

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A section of the specially commissioned The Quiet Man print.

A section of the specially commissioned The Quiet Man print.

Peter Deighan agreed to take the commission and 500 prints have been produced - each measuring 20in x 24in and are all signed by the artist himself.

Tara said the piece had attracted interest from as far away as America, Canada and Australia - proof, if ever that were in doubt, of the film’s enduring global fan base.

Retailing at $200 each they may be purchased here.

H/T: Irish Post