Last night saw the two-and-a-half hour finale of “Lost” air after much anticipation. After six, confusing and twisting, series the cult drama has ended but what is next for its stars, such as Evangeline Lilly, having spent over six years as island recluses in Hawaii.

Lilly, who played fugitive Kate Austen in the series, has said that she was going to take a break from acting after the show and she is ready for something different.

Terry O’Quinn, who played John Locke on the hit show, joked at Lilly’s bright future.

“I think there's a youthful version to it," O'Quinn said. "Evangeline Lilly goes 'the world is open to me now', the difference between 20 something and 50 something is, I'm out of work.”

Lilly said “I am very ready for the next chapter in my life rather than in my career and it has been an amazing run. It will probably go down in my life time has being one of the most significant times of my life, one of the most memorable things I have ever done. But I'm ready for something new."

Apart from her role in “Lost” she also starred in a small role in “The Hurt Locker”. She played Jeremy Renner’s wife. Now she will be starting across from Hugh Jackman and Kevin Durand (also from “Lost”) in a futuristic boxing drama movie “Real Steel”. Believe it or believe it not!

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