Irish actor Liam Neeson said he believes he's past his 'sell-by date' for the role of Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg's rumored biopic.

Neeson, 57, has been linked to the role for several years now, but the movie has yet to go into production.

Asked about the movie's status this week, he told the UK's Empire magazine: 'To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. It certainly seems to be in limbo somewhere.'

The actor said he is no longer sure if he would still take on the role. He said: 'I don't know. I think I'm past my sell-by date in my inner soul. It would depend on the script.'

'But I've been living with it now for, I think, five years. So it's either come to the plate and do it or get out of the kitchen. There are other things that I'd be quicker to pursue.'

Liam Neeson will be featured in the upcoming film "The Next Three Days"