The 'Taken' actor - who has sons Michael, 19, and Daniel, 18, with late wife Natasha Richardson - tries to take two months off every year to indulge in his hobbies and travels to different parts of the US to go angling.

He said: "I try to take July and August off every year, do a little bit of fly fishing, I went trekking with my eldest through Utah which was so much fun. It's beautiful. There's a place in Southern Utah called the Grand Steppes, very very, America is so beautiful"

However, the 62-year-old star admitted his son fared better on their trip than he did because of his fear of heights.

He told talk show host Jimmy Fallon: "In Utah my son and I climbed a little mountain, there's about two-and-a-half-thousand feet I guess, and he went up like a mountain goat, but I just kept going, 'Yeah, I'm with you', and we got to a certain point and he said 'Dad, don't look down'.

"I really do have a fear of heights and of course I went 'Yeah.... Waaaah'. "