Hard to imagine that rugged handsome face was once used as a punching bag but yes Liam Neeson, before becoming famous as an actor, spent his time in the ring while performing as an amateur boxing in Northern Ireland.

Although it was a dream of his to make it big in the boxing world Neeson said he gave up the fight after he got beaten so badly that is scared him.

A perfectionist in every trade, Neeson wasn't happy when he lost a fight.

He recalls, "I didn't get knocked out, but I was beat and I came out of the ring and my father was with me and he said, 'OK son, go and get changed,' and I looked at him and I thought, 'Changed... What's he talking about?'

"It was very scary and it lasted about 10 minutes. I literally didn't know if I was a human being, and I thought, 'That's it'."

However, every now and then Neeson gets to execute some of his boxing moves on the big screen.

For example he showed off some of his skills in his latest movie "The A Team."

In fact his co-star UFC Fighter Quinton Jackson said he knew only too well of Liam's history in the ring.

Jackson says, "My boxing trainer is from Liverpool; he's an Irishman, Mark Kenny, and he told me he used to watch him... He said he was bad; he was a bada**."