Ireland's Liam Neeson and fellow screen favorite Woody Harrelson are being courted to star in a new drama about the Texas rangers who killed Bonnie and Clyde.

According to the Guardian the new film, titled Highwaymen, is due to be directed by The Blind Side's John Lee Hancock and will focus on legendary law enforcer Frank Hamer.

Hamer was a Texas ranger who had brought peace to dozens of frontier towns during his long career, surviving more than 100 gunfights, before being appointed to head a posse to hunt down the notorious Barrow gang in 1934.

Hamer pursued Bonnie and Clyde after the pair broke several inmates out of Eastham prison farm, where Clyde Barrow himself had once been incarcerated, killing a guard in the process.

Hamer was hand picked to bring the gang's reign of terror, which had ranged across at least half a dozen US states, to an end.

A three-month search commenced, which concluded in a hail of bullets when Barrow, Bonnie Parker and their accomplices were gunned down on a deserted road in Louisiana.

Currently it's unclear which roles Neeson and Harrelson are in talks for.

According to First Showing the mere thought of Harrelson and Neeson playing two 1930s era Texas Rangers is reason enough to see the movie, whether or not they're going after Bonnie & Clyde.