It's been a trying time for Irish actor Liam Neeson, but anyone can see that he's standing strong. Sometimes, though, he wishes he could share the courage under pressure of some of the characters he plays on the big screen.

In the summer action blockbuster The A-Team, which opens this week, Neeson will play Hannibal Smith, the leader of a team of skilled former Army Rangers.

Neeson says he admires the fearlessness he gets to play on screen. 'Well, these guys know no fear and that’s really interesting. I mean, I’m scared when I wake up in the morning, just what the day is going to entail. We’ll not get into that. It’s interesting the things these guys do. It’s like they are not scared and that’s an amazing quality I think. I’d love to have that quality in real life.'

The fact that Neeson can keep working so consistently after the sudden passing of his wife, Natasha Richardson, is truly admirable. Here's hoping that he finds consolation in his work in the months ahead.

Creatively Neeson's career is on a role, with several high profile films in the pipeline. 'I did this film, 'Taken,' that’s given me a whole new lease on life at the age of 58,' Neeson told the press this week. 'So it was great to flex those different muscles if you know what I mean.'

Liam Neeson