Legendary artist Leonard Cohen is in for a bit of flak tonight in Belfast as Palestinian Supporters are expected to picket his concert at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast.

The protests are against the Canadian singer’s decision to hold a concert in Tel Aviv in Israel on September 24.

Cohen’s original plan was to hold a concert in Tel Aviv and also hold a concert on the West Bank.

However, the Palestinians canceled the concert after they found out that Cohen was going ahead with the gig in Tel Aviv.

Since then there has been a global campaign by pro Palestinian supporters to protest at Leonard Cohen gigs.

 The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has also expressed its concern over the issue.

“The IPSC calls on Leonard Cohen not to visit Israel. We are calling on Cohen fans to use their influence with the singer not to break the growing boycott campaign against Israeli apartheid,” says the group on its website.

The IPSC, which campaigns for justice for Palestinians by raising public awareness about the human rights issues, plans a leafleting campaign tonight with “Don’t Play in Israel,” flyers at the gig.