The Late Late Toy Show is one of the most highly anticipated nights of the year for kids and adults alike, and this year’s installment is set to be no different.

The Late Late Toy Show - which is basically the unofficial start of the Christmas season - returns to our screens tonight. Tens of thousands of families across the country, young and old, are going to be gathering together on as the festive special begins.

Tonight Ryan Tubridy will make his grand entrance onto a marvellously revamped Late Late set to spread some festive cheer and introduce this year’s most sought after toys, which will undoubtedly misbehave much to our delight.

So with the show practically around the corner, here’s everything you need to know if you’re planning on curling up on the couch at home to watch.

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What time is the Late Late Toy Show on?

9:35 pm, 21:35 pm, twenty-five to ten at night - is that clear enough? That's 4:35pm EST.

What channel is the late late toy show on at?

The Irish TV highlight of the year airs tonight, November 29 on RTÉ One or stream it live using the RTÉ player

What is the theme of The Late Late Toy Show?

Frozen is the inspiration behind this year's Late Late Toy Show, with Ryan Tubridy promising his "most outrageous" opening number yet tonight on RTÉ One. 

Who will be the special guests?

Famous faces are an essential ingredient to the magic of the Toy is keeping them top secret. And despite watching the Toy Show for over four decades, there's still no guessing as to who the special guests might be given that we've seen everyone from Dermot Bannon to Ed Sheeran appear on the show. Guess, we'll just have to wait and see!

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Is there a trailer? 

There sure is! Watch it below:

Will there be any new additions to this year's Late Late Toy Show?

In a wonderfully inclusive move, this will be the first time the show has ever had an ISL (Irish Sign Language) accompaniment so deaf viewers can enjoy the show too.

What charities are involved with the show?

This year children from the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation, Laura Lynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and Children’s Health Ireland at Crumlin and Temple Street had a sneak preview of the set and played with the toys, all of which will be donated to charity following the broadcast.

I live overseas, how can I watch The Late Late Toy Show?

The lovely people over at RTÉ have made sure that nobody is going to have Toy Show-related FOMO. Yes, that's right - you can watch it online no matter where you are in the world. The RTÉ player is bringing a little bit of Christmas magic to you as you can watch the Late Late Toy Show live this Friday night from anywhere in the world.

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* Originally published on Irish Tatler.