While media outlets lately have been all consuming of the recent Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson break up drama, Vulture Media is exclusively reporting that Stewart has signed on for the lead role in ‘Lie Down in Darkness.’

The new film is an adaptation of the 1951 book of the same name by William Styron. In it, Stewart will play Peyton Loftis, the beautiful daughter amid a highly dysfunctional family. The role was reportedly coveted by ‘Hunger Games’ starlet Jennifer Lawrence, but her schedule has filled up with the shooting of sequels.

First Showing reports that Scott Cooper, director of ‘Crazy Heart,’ is eyeing this project after he finishes work on 'Out of the Furnace' with Christian Bale and Casey Affleck.

No schedule has been set yet for the production of ‘Lie Down in Darkness,’ but Stewart’s confirmation to play the role is major hurdle covered.

Stewart will also be starring in another 50s era film, the adaptation of ‘On The Road,’ which is set to hit theaters later this year.

Talks of a sequel for ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ are also progressing, despite the recent cheating scandal that Stewart and the films directed Rupert Sanders were embroiled in.

“Nothing has changed,” insists a Universal Pictures executive in the wake of the scandal, “and we are still looking at sequel options that would include Rupert directing.”

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