Poor little Kristen Stewart is all geared up and giddy when it comes to the end of a premiere.
The actress, involved in constant on off, on off rumors to be in a relationship with the lovely Robert Pattinson, says that she feels full of energy, following a premiere as it’s then the poor actress has some time to herself.
One would think she didn’t like being involved in showbiz at all, sometimes.
Speaking after the premiere of her newest film “Welcome to the Rileys’” she said “By the end of the day I actually get really hyper, because it's then that I have my own time.”
Poor Stewart also complained that she’s tired and her feet hurt.
“You end up staying up all night and then screwing your morning the next day because you need time to yourself.”
“I feel like my feet are really p***ed off at me, just because of the shoes. That’s the biggest problem.”
If she needs someone to fill in for her at these star filled glamorous events I think I could step into her designer shoes. Poor dear.